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Site Council Findings from Change the Name Proposal



Please use the following examples as you look through each category for the evidence we are asking to be presented. Any dates of meetings, notices of meetings, attendance sheets, poster exemplars, survey exemplars, reports of email input, and other input will be helpful.

Input From Parents:

  • Evidence Flyers were mailed to every PHHS family regarding the events. Evidence this was an invitation to families for March event. Evidence future Patrick Henry families were included.
  • Evidence that communication includes multiple Languages/translation (English, Hmong, Spanish, Somali)
  • Evidence of diverse parent population input in favor of changing the name.
  • Evidence of what was asked of parents and how it was asked of parents, how parents responded, and how many responded.


Input from Students:

  •  Evidence of what classes/groups were presented to and if opportunities were given for feedback and if so what feedback was given. (The format/agenda for each presentation can be helpful along with a schedule of the classrooms/groups presented to)
  • Evidence of input received from Nov/Dec 2017 - presentations in various forms. (Was input received? If so, evidence of how was the input documented)
  • Dec. 2017 - petition signed by 600 students; about 50% of school population. School population is 1040. (Site council agreed that there should be more student representation completing the surveys. At least 70% is sufficient and should be the goal)
  • Dec. 2017- students take survey in their English classes.  505 take survey and of those taking survey 77% support change.  Evidence there was more than 2 choices.(From reading comments it appears there wasn’t a neutral option. It would be helpful to actually see the survey presented to students and not just comments)
  • April 2018 - students vote for new names in social studies classes.  Evidence that students had the opportunity to write in suggestions. Evidence of the names suggested and how the names were narrowed down. Evidence of the student population who completed the survey.


Input from Staff:


  • Nov. 2017 - students & staff plan social studies lessons - assembly presentation.  Evidence of staff members who participated (Sign in sheets, pictures, and/or calendars can be helpful)
  • Dec. 2017- staff take survey; received a link through their MPS email accounts.  50 staff members completed survey. Evidence that more than ½ of the staff agrees with the name change???
  • April 2018 - Staff vote for new names; ballots are placed in their school mailboxes.  Evidence staff had the opportunity to write in suggestions is needed along with all ballot input results.


Input from alumni/parent groups/boosters/community groups:

  •  Fall 2016 - article in North News and posted on Facebook.  - Awareness but no input obtained. Could see if you are on Facebook & received North News.
  • August 2017 - met with alumni & students to form committee - Evidence of how were people notified
  • Sept. 2017 - reached out to alumni from last 4 decades.  Evidence of how the list of 40 years of students was obtained and how alumni were contacted. Evidence of how many alumni were contacted.
  • Holiday on 44th - students reached out to those attending event. Evidence of people connected with at Holiday on 44th.
  • Dec. 2017 - Article published in Camden news.  How many people did this article reach?
  • Jan. 2018 - interview with Semaj Rankin posted on Patrick Henry High School.  What was the reach of the article?
  • Feb. 2018 - brochures passed out at 4 BB games for upcoming Alumni & community gathering - How many people were reached?
  • March 11, 2018 - Alumni & community gathering to present and discuss name change. Evidence of who and how many individuals received an invitation to meeting.
  • Community members and alumni vote on new names - Evidence presenting how alumni and community members knew to vote on new names. Evidence of what percentage of the community completed the survey is needed.
  • April 12/19/26, 2018 - Host alumni members to discuss process and how alumni can support change. Evidence of how alumni were notified of meetings. Evidence there was time for discussion about potential name changes.



  • Hand out estimates it will cost $50,000 for signage including gym floor estimate.  Have raised about $3,625 as of 3/27 on a goal of $20,000. 

District Quote for the following:

  • $90,000 for athletic uniforms
  • Gym Floor $26,982
  • Wall Logo $5,800

*does not include miscellaneous items*

Evidence of a detailed plan mapping out how the additional funding will be raised is needed.


Additional Info:

  • Literature passed out about movement - Evidence of who received it and how it was passed out.
  • Oct. 11- meeting for those interested in getting involved and wanting to fundraise.  Evidence of communication about this meeting, specifically how and who did this information go out to.
  • Oct 20, 2017 - Discussion at Social Justice Fair.  Evidence of individuals at fair involved in discussion.
  • Feb. 2018 - present at Racial Justice Fair at Southwest and Race Forum @ PHHS.  Evidence of input received.
  • March 2018 - petition on to gauge support for movement. Evidence presenting how individuals heard about the petition.


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