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Chase Presents Individual vs. Society for Feb. 24


Individual Vs. Society
They praise you for your beauty but have no self-image
They hate you for your life because you live different
They want you to abide by their rules, or die trying
They tell you how to be cool and do it by lying
Falsifying and trying
To take you out the sky, clip your wings, no more flying
No more designing, no more personal choices
You do this; you do that, in silence, no voices
You slip up once and they take you for everything
Take it all away from you and say they’ll find a better king
Give you your addictive fix and take you from sobriety
This was never what you wanted, predetermined society
And you’re just a pawn who will in their eyes be gone
And to them they live life continuously no sleep, not even a yawn
It’s just a regular day