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Coach Miller Previews Women's Tennis Team for September 6th

Buddy Soriano and Saychai Sithimonlada

When Coach Miller began his first year as Patriot Women's Coach he was greeted by 12 enthusiastic athletes.  Read why Coach Miller now shares that enthusiasm for his players.

"I'm happy with my squad of players," Coach Miller said at a rare home match against Roosevelt on September 5th.  "As Badminton Coach, the more of our young women who also play tennis the better because it gives our players:

  • court awareness
  • improved court awareness for things like in's and outs
  • improved strategy of placement
  • emphasis on playing big, for example, big dramatic motions like following through"

Please introduce your team.

Singles One: Alyssa Lee '14:  Alyssa has an extremely strong work ethic, with an unbelievable attitude.  She is the rare person who can find redeeming value in any kind of experience."

Singles Two: Yer Yang '14:  "I really like the way that Yer attacks the ball.  She always has a smile on her face and she's very coachable.  She's willing to try new things to make her game better.  She has a strong backhand (Yer reports two to three practice sessions a week this summer at Webber against Patriot Men's Tennis playerscourts strenthened that option).

Single Three: Neng Vang '14:  "You would never guess it, but Neng is a first year player and is learning quickly.  She is having a lot of fun and sometimes when I hear her talk I swear she's reading my mind about tennis strategies.  She sounds just like a veteran tennis coach."

Singles Four: Sierra Brenke '16: "Sierra has a god sense of humour and keeps us all loose.  Lots of potential."

Doubles One:  Maly Xiong  and Angela Taylor:  "Both of these two players provide Senior leadership.  Maly is one of our Captains.  These two are really determined and always willing to imporve their game (this team won their match against Roosevelt in an exciting tie breaker).

Doubles Two; Saychai Sithimonlada and Buddy Soriano (Co-Captain):  Saychai has lots of power that she's just discovering.  She is a natural athlete who is close to putting it all together.  Buddy is a leader who is one of our hardest workers.  Buddy also has a great sense of humour.

Other Players:  Houa Lee '14, Tori Cooper and Shine Vang '12.  "These three are all learning the game and they bring a lot of positive energgies to every game and practice.  They're all going to get much better if they hang in there and stick with it."

More schedule and roster information.

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