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Cracks in the Statue by Chase For March 2nd


Cracks In The Statue

A face in the mirror, blue iris, red eyes
The hurt of hope has broke the truth in these lies
A permanent fixture built to stand tall with concrete mixture
But the test of time has worn me thin and my thoughts flicker
It’s become hard to find sight of what’s right so I write
Despite the pain that has surfaced from when I fight
I was built to be strong and live long, prosper
Love big and hate none but doctor!
Cracks are growing and my faults are showing, help me
‘Cause I’m starting to break down and this isn’t healthy
And I love you but I love me just as badly
So when the cracks hit my heart I hurt you, sadly
And I wish I didn’t but there’s something missing
I fall and disappear and am lost in this world’s shifting