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Divonte Presents The Grim Reaper for April 26



The grim reaper

The ruler of death

Takes a friend and puts them to rest

Nonetheless he didn’t have to go

With five to the chest got a badge on your breast

But still haven’t solved the cast yet,

Is this a play are we actors on a stage where for once

The bad guy gets away slips into the dark of an alleyway

Cops led astray totally off the case off the leash

Same as the beast of evil that eats humanity

I decree for everybody that doesn’t see

A civilized community words, just spewing

From the mouth a message that needs to be let out

A ruthless ‘bout, I'ma win a KO in the first round

But I don’t hear any shouts from the crowd

The only sound is my poetry read aloud

In the confines of my house, my voice is found

And if I die, and I am dead and gone

At least my writing lives on

Let it sing its own song