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Divonte Hits Hard With the Words for May 1st



I hit hard with the words

Telling people about the unheard absurd

Don’t need church to know what I do

Trying to stay in school

Just keep my cool but only

Act more of a fool the choice I choose

I have no clue or so they say

Then how do I know what takes place

I see what I see can’t nobody change that or me

I try to do a good deed

Take one for the team and let them walk free

While they just cruising the streets

I’m in a cell, can’t get to sleep

I have dreams but not what’s in my tired head

When I’m asleep in bed my dreams instead are of me

 Not being dead or alone on the stretcher

With nobody by my side ‘cause they gone

With the wind like feathers

It’s a nice day to y’all but I’m stuck in bad weather

I’ve been through so much, life filled with luck

‘Cause 9 times death I ducked

But it might catch up ‘cause at a stoplight

I’m stuck but I’m not going down just yet

I'ma rise up and slide away like a hockey puck

Not to be playing with death like Russian roulette

It’s just not my time to go yet