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Divonte: The Point Ain't Taken for March 16th


The point ain’t taken

I write PoetrY to calm MY MiNd
I get a lil’ MoNeY without the griNd
I’M going Places without a car to Drive
life sting like a hand iN a beehive
don’t hear the words, Just get the Message
The realness oN INsPection, Dealing with
Corrections, leading life iN the wrong direction
Be Needing a life lesson, The Past haunts
like a resurrection, I’M waiting on something
like detention, MY MiNd I’M testing &
it won’t Be resting the waY we Messing
….with a civilized coMMunitY, looking at
scrutiNY, MutiNY, a Messed uP huManitY
the good is vanishing the evil Is
Brandishing & it’s everYwhere like it’s
Branching, Need to catch it like we
Ranching, I ain’t PlaYing with the
Things I be saying forget it
The Point ain’t taken