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Divonte With A Story So True


A Story So True

Kick back, chillax, and let me spit a story to you.  A story untold but a story so true.  Getting abused because I acted up in school, the why don’t matter but the reason do…using violence as a disciplinary tool, since a kid really been out da loop, still trying to get back in, no hula-hoop.  For every wrong I’ve done, I still haven’t overcome one.  Never done drugs, never owned a gun, but known homies fell from a slug, after the grave dug, gave everybody hugs, I just let God be the judge, but the devil made a thug.  I’ve never really been showed love, so how do I show it?  Think about this, for everybody put 6 feet deep, do they rest in peace or do they sleep unrestlessly?  I’ve been blessed pleasantly, but feeling down presently and for all the presents under the tree, how many are really for me, do you know what I mean? I mean is the present from the heart or just thought about by a credit card?  But dat’s irrelevant because Christmas ain’t about presents, it’s about everyone present.  No need to spend a paycheck to show somebody is blessed.  With all I’ve said, I can put this poem to rest.