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Love and Pain by Sebastian for May 11th

Dragon Princess

Love and pain.

by Sebastian

Things you say and things you do are two different

Things. Sometimes you wonder what a thing is but to

me a thing is nothing because when you love

someone it’s just a thing because they don’t

love you back and when the time comes to  where

you are willing to wait for them but they

never show up, and no one likes being disappointed

because of something so stupid. The worst part

 is when someone still wants you because

they get in their way and then the drama

starts, but it doesn’t end there because

it all gets better or so you think it gets better,

then boom a slap in the face. That’s why I

Hate life because it doesn’t go the way you

want it to and for those who are with

me. I will support you!


Dreaming is Not Reality

People want to be true, but they like to play games.  It comes to a point in time where you're tired of it, but they're too far in their dream world.  they need to come back to reality and stop playing games.  Life is not a joke.  It's time for people to get real.  No one like a "fake" and I'm sure I speak for half the people in this school and in North.  I'm here to be true to all of you.  Thanks for reading.