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Senior Checkout Process

Senior Checkout



During the month of May:

  1. Your counselors will schedule you to take the Online Student Survey during your Social Studies class.

  2. See the Media Speciallist to find out if you have outstanding books that you need to return or pay for.

  3. If you have any athletic equipment at home that you are not using for a current season, return it to Mr. Maxey in the Athletic Equipment Office.

  4. If you took an IB exam and have not paid in full, please do so with Mr. Owen or in room 153.


NOTE – You must pay all of your financial obligations before you can obtain a cap and gown.  If you don’t fulfill them, you will be unable to walk at graduation.  They must be paid in cash.  IB exams and athletic equipment should be returned and/or paid by May 18th.


*See Mr. Bonds with any questions.