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Good Things Happen Here

At our National African American Parent Involvement Day on February 8th a parent suggested that we capture simple random acts of kindness. Here are a few of the great things that our volunteers have done to support our community.

Ms. Xiong '10 Returns To Work With Families

Gaokhue Xiong '10 returned to Henry after the Winter Break to roll up her sleeves and volunteer. 

Kirsten Rome: Her Family and the Patrick Henry Family

Ms. Rome took time away from Patrick Henry where she taught Digital Arts to complete her Master's Degree, although you'd never know it.  This year she volunteered to help 18-year olds register to vote, published the school newspaper, and is now working on our Yearbook.  Ms. Rome is not the only member of her family that volunteers...

Ms. Okani Continues Service to Booster Club Long After Child Graduates

Ms. Lynne Okani's daughter graduated back in 2007, but she still continues to work tirelessly for our Booster Club--a total of seven years.  Not only did she work at the Holiday on 44th celebration on December 7th, but she also supplied the contents for one of the 83 gift baskets that were sold that night.  See other contributors here.

Ann Kaari, Graduate, Foundation Member, Coordinates Holiday on 44th:

Congratulations to Ann Kaari, a Class of 1994 graduate who works with the Patrick Henry Foundation and successfully coordinated what many believe was the biggest and most successful Hoiday on 44th ever (see pictures here).

Mr. DeGroot: Boosting, Beasting, Besting Patrick Henry

Mr. DeGroot is tireless in his service to Henry, Northeast schools, and District policy making.  We're especially grateful for his role in creating over 80 gift baskets that were sold at the Holiday on 44th on Friday night.

There is a Santa Claus. His Name is Bill Moore.

Bill Moore doesn't just work one night of the year.  You can find him just about every day spreading kindness and gifts across the North Side--especially at Patrick Henry.  See him in his official costume at Holiday on 44th on Friday, December 7th from 6:00 - 9:00 PM

Dickisons Build Sets, Raise Funds, and Prepare Cast for Plays

How do you improve Patrick Henry's 2012 Mom and Dad Volunteers of the Year?  You add their recently graduated daughter Janice Dickison '12 to the mix.  Janice is currently enrolled in the Theatre Program at Augsburg College and adds a whole new dimension to the Dickison legacy of volunteer service.  She's also doing lights for the premier of "It's no you, It's me."

Ms. Patton Brings Needed Binders

At the 2nd Annual Back to School Barbeque in August, Ms. Patton, the mother of a 9th grade student vowed to support Patrick Henry in any way that she could.  Since that time she has brought us over 100 three ring binders that many teachers here use for their courses.

Mr. Brogdon First Son, First Volunteer Experience

Mr. Brogdon has a 9th grade son and he wanted to get involved right away because he plan to have his other children attend Patrick Henry as well.  That's why it was easy for him to join the Booster Club when he heard about Patrick Henry's largest parent organization.  We found him working at a Football game some time ago.

Ms. Webb Joins Growing Booster Club

Ms. Karen Webb has two students at Herny Sam Lomen '14 and Hannah Webb '15.  Both students are active in sports.  Ms. Webb finds time to attend their activities AND work for the Booster Club where we found her selling Spirit Wear at a recent football game.

Ms. Austin: Four Years of Perfect Attendance

Ms. Austin is the proud mother of Will Austin, a 12th grader.  If there were an award for perfect attendance at Patrick Henry parent meetings, and watching her son perform in band and other school events, Ms. Austin would win it.  Ms. Austin is also an at large member of the Booster Club. 

Fezzan Court #7 Daughter of Isis

The Fezzan Court #7 Daughter of Isis is a sister organization to the Shriners.  Daughter Arnetta Phillips and Daughter Peggy Ramosine, the Illustrious Commander of this service group worked in the Concession Stand for all of the Patriot Home games this season.  Their actions allowed our Booster Club to pursue all of their energies into Spirit Wear sales. 

Roseanne Hooper '87 Booster Club Celebrates 25th Year Henry Class Reunion

Though her twin sons Josh and Jake (Blues Brothers/No Reason Bands) graduated in 2011 Ms. Roseanne Hooper continues to regularly volunteer into Henry's largest parent organization, the Booster Club.  Ms.  Hooper even sold Spirit Wear at her 25th Henry Class of 1987 reunion and made over $250.

Johnson Controls/Coloplast Join Herobotics to Clean Up Shingle Creek

Rest easy.  David Sylvestre and the Herobotics Team joined forces with SEAK and Johnson Controls/Coloplast to clean up the Shingle Creek on September 18th--a critical section of the Creek that feeds directly into where the Waterworks draws water in for City drinking purposes.

Ms. Tammy McLemore Shares Business Expertise and Leadership to Site Council

When her daughter DeKora graduated in 2007, Ms. Tammy McLemore (far left) kept right on giving to Henry. Her business expertise is in Human Relations and her contributions as a member of our Site Council have been invaluable.  Read more here.

Site Council Meets Third Tuesday: Mary Mooney Vital Contributor

Mary Mooney has been on the Site Council for several years--while her own children were enrolled at Henry, and thankfully, she has continued long after they graduated.

Local Businesses Support 2nd Annual Back to School Barbeque

Local area businesses gave of their time and energy, and financial resources to make the Second Annual back to School barbeque a huge success.  Please support the following local businesses who provided and provide so much support to Henry.

Step Team Credits Entire Fritsche Family for Success

Step Team Coordinator Quinton Bonds often speaks of Kira Fritsche '14 as the pillar of the award winning Step Team.  In May the Boys and Girls Club Coordinator Shelly Martin recogninzed Kira's parents as well...

Mr Nystrom, Master Gardener

Mr. Nystrom a community volunteer, first volunteered at Henry in the Fall of 2011 in an effort to generate neighborhood involvement in Homecoming.  This summer he worked countless hours in record breaking heat doing long overdue cleanup of two Henry gardens (Gym Entrance and Oak Savannah Garden in front).

Henry Starts Year with Largest Volunteer Turnout Ever

Henry takes pride in what many believe is the most beautiful high school campus in the Twin Cities.  On August 23rd Henry got even more beautiful with a little help from several friends.

Ms. Breedlove Is North Side Legend

You would need something of the size of Webster's Dictionary to try and explain Ms. Breedlove's impact on Patrick Henry and the North Side.  That won't stop us from making the effort.