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Hamline Students Write To Prepare Patriots For College for October 26th


Marco Ocampo'10 returns to Patrick Henry with the do's and don'ts of living in the dorms.

Living at home, many of us had the privileged to get our own room. For the most part it is a way to get away from the real world and simply relax. However, what happens when we go to college? Many things start to go through your head: “roommates? Food? Dorms? “. A bit overwhelming, yes. Nonetheless, this is all a part of the college experience. Living in the dorm rooms for the last 2 years, I have learned a thing or two about the dos and don’ts of this nerve wrecking experience.

Roommates: again, this might be the first time in your life that you will be sharing a room with another person, let alone a stranger, which is why it is okay to be anxious.

Do: try to get to know the person beforehand, be open-minded, and be yourself. The only way to feel comfortable in the dorms is by making it feel like home

Don’ts: biggest rule in the dorms is perhaps sharing. Don’t be that person that tries to take over the room; communication is key in these matters.

Common Area: flat screen TV’s, comfortable sofas, socializing. What more can you ask for?

Do: Make sure you clean after yourself. It’s always awkward when people walk by and see you in a messy room everyone has to share.

Don’ts: Hogging the common area. Although each school is different, the majority have a decent amount of lounges for people to simply hang out. These lounges are for everyone, so make sure to share.

Food: There is nothing more exciting about college then the food, right? Once you get here, you’ll understand the irony. It isn’t that difficult to go overboard with the buffet-style cafeteria.

Do: Eat healthy; your mom won’t be here to tell you to eat your fruits and vegetables. The Freshman 15 does exist.

Don’ts: Spend more money on food. Although it may not be home cooking, don’t feel the need to buy more. Your meal plan is already being paid, by not eating at the cafeteria, you will be spending for both your meal plan and personal expenses.