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The Legacy
Heartbreak by Ja'Kisha for February 20th


Heartbreak by Ja'Kisha

Your heart, your heart, Oh my unforgiving heart. Allow me to introduce myself if you haven't heard or felt me yet.

I am the one who makes you cry until eyes turn blood red. But don't worry I only come when you feed the energy to bring the pain you most fear in hate.

I am the one who takes your brother and sister and won't give them up without a fight that I must win.

Don't be fooled you've seen me before

I've come in drugs that addicted you, or I come in disease that infects you, or boys who lie and cheat.

I've even come as illness that can kill you.

But no matter what I am or who I am either way,

I promise make no mistakes I am the one who puts your friends, family, and even your enemy in tears or the grave or maybe both.

Don't you see it yet that your pain in devastation is my gain of enjoyment.

Because to you I'm just something that will someday leave or get away!

But to me you're just another soul

I'm about to claim when I'm done. Like I said, I'm nothing more or nothing less. I'm just hearbreak, nothing else. In about the time you get done hearing this I'll already claim another victim...