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Henry Achievement Program
From left: Ms. Gates, Ms. Mannel, Mr. Madson, Ms. Losacker and Ms. Raab

Welcome to HAP!

Our Mission: HAP is a small learning community that strives to meet learners where they are.  We are a supportive environment to ensure you are prepared to define and pursue your future goals.

Who We Serve: Juniors and Seniors that  could benefit from smaller class sizes to earn back credits.

How We are Different: Unlike other alternative learning centers, we are located within Patrick Henry allowing students to participate in after school sports, activities and support services.  They can retain their school community while getting back on track for graduation.


Important COVID-19 Information


Meet our Team!


Regina Gates

HAP English Teacher

Office hours: 12:00PM - 2:00 PM

Google Classroom Codes

HAP 11/12 English: kdsi7wa

HAP Communications: 5fkvtqq


Susan Losacker

HAP Math Teacher

Google Text:  612-405-2198

Google Classroom Codes

College Prep  mb7thlv

Advance Algebra  7akhg60

Office hours: 1:00PM - 3:00PM


David Madson

HAP Social Studies Teacher

Office hours: Checking e-mail daily, arranged


Kim Mannel

HAP Counselor and Coordinator

Google text: 612-584-0618

Google Classroom Code: ejixgrl

Office hours: 2:00PM - 4:00PM


Mary Raab

HAP Science Teacher

Office hours: 11AM - 1PM

Google Classroom Codes:

HAP Chemistry: qgxwawh

HAP Biology: eo6dxpy