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I Am Hmong

At Patrick Henry High School, we value and appreciate the presence of Hmong students in our community. This page will showcase staff and student work around Hmong language and culture.

Dr. Martin's Luther King's Dream and the Dream of the Hmong

Gaokue Xiong '10 returned to Patrick Henry to volunteer her services during her Winter Recess.  While pondering Dr. Martin Luther King's I Have a Dream Speech, she began to associate that dream with the dream of the Hmong.

The Story of the First Hmong Story Cloth

Ms. Manichan Xiong wept as she presented her story at Patrick Henry's Fifth Annual Community Involvement Day.  She wept for her love of the Hmong people which she painstakingly has documented in beautiful story cloths and her passionate desire to tell her story, her history to as many people as possible.

Peter Yang Shares a Tribute to General Vang Pao In Hmong

Read Peter Yang's tribute to General Vang Pao which he delivered at Lao Community Center at a Rememberance Service on January 29, 2011.

Patrick Henry High School Contingent Pays Respects to Family of General Vang Pao

The Lao Community Center in St. Paul offered the Patrick Henry High School Community an offer to express their condolences to the family of General Vang Pao.

The Loss of General Vang Pao Is the Loss of a Father by Ia Vang '11

Ia Vang '11 opens her heart in her tribute to General Vang Pao.

Mr. Seng Lo Pays Homage to General Vang Pao

Ask a Hmong person where they were when they heard the news of General Vang Pao's passing and they will recall the loss they experienced. One of the most respected leaders in the Twin Cities, Mr. Seng Lo shares his memory of that moment and the many moments that he remembers of this great man.

See Vang '08 Remembers Her Grandfather

See Vang '08 honors the memory of her grandfather in this essay about a peaceful, loving man. As a result of this essay, See was named the winner of the 73rd Annual Rose Rees Peace Award.