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The Legacy
Ja'Kisha Shares Stay! for May 8th



Stay Stay Stay!

I want you to stay

Stay with me

Be with me, by, my side


You're the missing link from my address

The missing piece of the puzzle

The reason for being

But now you're gone

I want you to stay.


I wanted you to stay

Now my eyes are clear

Clear of lies,

Clear of deception

Clear of your BS

It costs too much


The never ending lines of promises

The long trails of abandonment

The mountains of lies

Glaciers of cold heartedness

Oceans of tears

Eruptions of emotions


Did you really think you were safe

That you deserve forgiveness

That you were welcomed

How dare you?

How dare you, think that it was enough.


What about the pain that was felt

The endless nights of isolations

The long lasting months of missing you

Even years without complete happiness


With power comes responsibility

Your power was me

Your responsibility was then voided

Void? What does that even mean in this case?


How dare you think that was an answer!

The hurt, the pain, the abandonment

The emotion, tears, morning

How dare you! How dare you?


What makes me different?

What makes me unlovable?

What makes me unworthy of your care?

I am me! What’s wrong with that?


Well nothing, if you were stuck.

I am deemable, lovable, worthy

And in case you're wondering

I AM loved!

Loved by many and counting

I am who I am and that’s all that matters.

That’s definitely all that matters.