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Divonte Presents Tragic For February 29th Legacy Writer of the Year

It will be Tragic if you don't take a moment and read this epic spoken word piece.

Summer Newsletter forJune 4th (Final Day of 2011 - '12 School Year)

How can you wrap up a complete school year's worth of fresh writing from Henry's smartest most articulate students?  How about the Summer Issue of the Patriot Press.  See ya next August!

Theo Marcil '12 Addresses Indian Education Students for June 3rd

Theo Marcil was honored by receiving an invitation to speak at an Indian Education Graduation event on May 24th at the St. Mary's University Event Center.  Here are his inspiring words.

Beth Published in Minnesota Women's Press Legacy Writer of the Year Nominee

The Minnesota Women’s  Press Changing the Universe Through Women’s Stories chose to publish one of Beth's previously published Legacy articles in their January publication.

Toxic the Platy a Short Story by David '12 for May 23rd Legacy Writer of the Year Nominee

One of Henry's most promising writers sets the stage for a brilliantly written futuristic end of the world type short story entitled, Toxic the Platy.  Those who have read this work argue that it is not a short story, but instead Chapter One of a full scale novel.  What do you think?

Cheng Yeng Breaks Down Missing the Ex-Boyfriend for May 25th Legacy Writer of the Year Nominee

Fans of Hmong music will enjoy this quick music appreciation seminar.

Cindy Thao '15 Shares Essay from the 16th Annual Circle of Women for May 15th Legacy Writer of the Year Nominee

The 16th Annual Circle of Women needed a speaker to address over 1,000 people at their Purses and Passion Premier Luncheon.  It had to be someone who could open the hearts and minds and pocketbooks of those in attendance to raise over a $1,000,000 dollars.  Cindy Thao '15 accepted the challenge and the money has been pouring in ever since. 

The Kiss by Chase for April 19th Legacy Writer of the Year Nominee

Everyone remembers the kiss, and will always remember this Kiss.

Semira Mesfin '14, Editor of Shine On for June 1st

She's just a sophomore, but Semira Mesfin is already the editor of a newspaper.  Find out which newspaper here.

Battle Royale by Ben '13 for May 29

"I was bored," Ben stated when asked to explain his latest drawing.  "This work probably took me about 90 minutes a day for two weeks.  My grandpa taught me how to draw in 4th grade and I've been drawing things like this ever since."

Accept the Fact by Divonte for May 24th

Accept the Fact by Divonte, Henry's premier spoken word artist.

Trigard, A Play by Xao Xiong '12 for May 22

Each year Ms. Mlsna forms a collaboration with the Illusion Theatre to produce three Patriot student plays.  Each play will be performed on Friday, May 17th.  Here  is Trigard by Xao Xiong '12.

What is a Hero? A Play by Kong Hang '12 for May 21st

Each year Ms. Mlsna forms a collaboration with the Illusion Theatre to produce three Patriot student plays.  Each play will be performed on Friday, May 17th.  Here is What is a Hero? by Kong Hang '12.

Gates to Nahlia by Cheng Lee '12 for May 18th

Each year Ms. Mlsna forms a collaboration with the Illusion Theatre to produce three Patriot student plays.  Each play will be performed on Friday, May 17th.  Here is Gates to Nahlia by Cheng Lee '12.

Sandy Xiong '14 Explains the Festival of Nations for May 17th

For years hundereds of students have left school on a Friday to attend the Festival of Nations, but the rest of us who stayed behind never knew what was going on there until Sandy Xiong tells all here.

Javier Presents Art and Verse for May 16th

The president of the Manga Club shares a drawing and a powerful spoen word piece, I Pour This From the Heart.

Jasmine Lane '12 Shares Winning Essay for May 14th

Jasmine Lane '14, Power Patriot of the Week for May 11th shares her Rose Rees Peace Award winning essay.

Love and Pain by Sebastian for May 11th

Sebastian lays it out there for real, whether you want to hear it or not.

Divonte Presents Innocent 'Til Proven Guilty for May 10th

Divonte writes like an inferno in Innocent 'Til Proven Guilty

Cheng Yeng Presents Have a Nice Trip for May 9th

You can learn this song to express your feeling when it's time to say good-bye.

Ashley Presents a Poem About Love for May 8th

Ashley says, "Everyone has a style, if we didn't we would all look the same."  Check out her most recent works of poetry and style in the art world.

Thinkin' About You by Mecedes for May 4th

Thanks for sharing this love sonnet, Mercedes!

Benjamin Yang '15 Tells Story of Boy Scout Troop Trip to Utah for May 2nd

Benjamin Yang '15 is a proud member of Troop 100 In Minneapolis under the direction of David L. Moore a legendary teacher who graduated from Yale University and is the scout master of the troop.  Over the Spring Recess in early April Benjamin and his troop made a once in a lifetime trip to Utah.  Read this story and you'll want to make that same trip and join Benjaminon his next voyage to China.  See pictures of the trip here.

Divonte Hits Hard With the Words for May 1st

May Day!  May Day!  Can anyone out there here this cry of hard hitting words?

Henry Students and Staff Give Their All (Including Blood) for April 30th

Welcome back Mr. Anthony Ohnstad '07 who worked at the Annual Blood Drive and read about the results of the Blood Drive and an interview with a first time giver, David McCoy '12.

Meeting Robert Robinson '78 by Senya Simpson-Christensen for April 27th

When Robert Robinson '78 (LISTEN) returned here to Henry he was cheered by the approximate 1,800 students and parents whenever his name was mentioned...and that was before he even sang a note.  Senya Simpson-Christensen '15 explains why Mr. Robinson  is so popular.

Divonte Presents The Grim Reaper for April 26

Divonte introduces the Grim Reaper, the ruler of death...

Two Poems by David McCoy for April 25th

David McCoy '12 strikes again with On the Open Plain and Bag O' Chips.

Jasmine Lane '12 Delivers Speech on Scholarship For April 23rd

Who better to speak on scholarship than the President of the National Honor society?  This speech was deliver at the National Honor Society Induction on April 9th.

Antoniah Creates Manga for April 20th

The classroom teacher who first noticed Antoniah's work was emphatic that as many people as possible should see her work as soon as possible.  The Legacy has happily complied with that request.

Nou Vang '12 Addresses NHS for April 18th

Leadership is one of the four pillars of the National Honor Society.  Nou Vang '12 explains what service in the NHS means to her in a speech that she delivered at the NHS Induction on April 12th.

Spring Sports Preview: Men's Tennis by Nywong Vang '12 for April 17th

Coach Paek may be the luckiest coach in the world.  He has a full roster of dedicated student athletes who practice all the time and actually clean up Webber Park for the fun of it when they're done. Why such extraordinary young men?  Senior leadership by captains Nywong Vang and  Siew Thao has a lot to do with it.  Nywong breaks down the upcoming season here.

Spring Sports Preview :Hannah Webb '15 Delivers Pitch on Upcoming Softball Season for April 16th

Patriot Softball fans breathed a huge sigh of relief when Hannah Webb '15 announced that she would attend Patrick Henry last May.  The 8th grader had already completed one year as the starting pitcher on a rapidly developing team of softball championship contenders.

Spring Sports Preview: Amy Xiong '14 Breaks Down Badminton and Upcoming Season for April 13th

Don't let the pleasant smiles and the polite manners during the school day fool you.  If you come to play Captain Amy Xiong  '14 and her teammates you best wear protective headgear.

Spring Sports Preview; Golf by Sam Lomen '14 for April 12th

Coach Voeks has a knack for taking a very limited number of golf participants and turning that talent into champions.  This year is no exception.  With two sophomores and a senior, the biggest challenge is not on the course, but getting Patriots out on the course.

Spring Sports Preview: Baseball With Tom Swanson for April 11th

Tom Swanson is the rare baseball player who can play just about any position.  The Legacy chose such a player to give his perspective on the upcoming Patriot Baseball season.

Spring Sports Preview: Track With Maria Cowan '12 for April 10th

The Legacy caught up to Track Coach Hohn and Captain Maria Cowan for a look at the 2012 Patriot Track Team.

The Conclusion by Divonte for April 9th

More genius from Patrick Henry's most prolific spoken word artist.

Pa Zao Vang '12 Shares Update of Leos In Action For March 29th

Pa Zao Vang '12, Leos in Action Public Relations Officer gives an update on the Leos, a dynamic student service organization that is a branch of the Camden Lions.  Editor's Note:  We hope that Pa Zao '12 is rewarded for turning in a lost Ipod recently.

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