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Jasmine Lane '12 Delivers Speech on Scholarship For April 23rd

Jasmine Lane '12

The National Honor Society if first and foremost seen as an organization dedicated to service, character, and leadership. While that remains true, it must be noted that a key characteristic of any member in scholarship. A Scholar is defined as a person who has an aptitude for study and in my opinion, a passion for learning. I would like to commend all of the new members for their scholarship thus far.

As the National Honor Society class of 2013 begins their journey, I would like to note that scholarship does not end upon acceptance into the National Honor Society or even into the college of your choice in the upcoming year. In conjunction with another pillar of the national honor society, character, scholarship is not something that can be mimicked or faked, but rather it is a personality trait that is imbedded in your person. A member of the National Honor Society of Patrick Henry High School is expected to maintain the grace, maturity and discipline they have shown in order to be accepted as well as growing as an adult and not becoming stagnant or complacent in the normalcy and mediocrity of modern day life.

Newly inducted members, I congratulate you on making it thus far and implore you to not lose sight of what this society is about. The next year of your life will be one of the most difficult you have ever experienced thus far. Many new stresses will arise with college applications, scholarship applications, and part time jobs. However, I want you to look at the members of 2011-2012 National Honor Society and myself and realize that we made it. And so will you. All I ask id that you don’t discredit, falter, or discredit anything you have accomplished. Scholarship does not mean perfection, but it does mean continuous effort in all that you do. A quote I live by and say to myself nearly every day is “Do not let your failures define who you are. But rather learn from your failures and turn them into successes”.

I want you all to stay dedicated to the society and what it stands for in the upcoming year. You are all exemplars and scholars and I expect nothing less than excellence from you in the upcoming year.

Thank you.