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Jasmine Lane '12 Shares Winning Essay for May 14th


Essay on World Peace
Jasmine Lane
IB Diploma Candidate ‘12
Patrick Henry High School
Minneapolis, Minnesota

World peace is an idea that seems foreign and often unachievable in a world consumed by greed, hatred, and the love of power. However, the negative aspects of this world are not the only reason for the lack of understanding amongst and across racial, social, and political borders; it is rather the lack of action. Evil, hatred, destruction and greed triumph when good men do nothing. We are one step closer to world peace and understanding when good men and women take action.

World peace is an abstract that is unfathomable due to widespread disagreement. The lack of sympathy and tolerance with the added presence of judgmental ideas are what prevent understating and instead promote conflict. To feed the already present hatred with apathy and intolerance is to destroy the possibility of a peaceful world.

World peace: an idea, a phrase, something seemingly unachievable. On the contrary, it is something completely achievable. But first, we must take action against the fallacy of the idealistic peaceful world in which everyone is oblivious to any differences they may have. What we are truly seeking is a common understanding: the realization that we are all different, being comfortable in our differences, and placing emphasis our human similarities. We are all a member of a family; we all have loved ones; and we are all members of the human race. If good men and women take action, we can and will achieve any goal to which we set our minds and hearts.