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Javier Presents Art and Verse for May 16th


I Pour This From The Heart

I pour this from my soul, My conscience is the one that told me
Go for it, You can achieve higher and greater if you try to succeed for it
I plead for it, Quiet in my own shadows
Word play is slick, I forget every other second so my heart only goes tick
My throat is so sick, When I spit every lyric
Hoping if I were across the world, Baby girl you can hear it
Linguistic Spirits, I tell you from the heart, I told you from the start
“Don’t worry bout’ it girl, I won’t let them break your heart.”
I carry you like a promise, I never break my words
Rejection is a hard thing, But I never break my nerves
Multiple Personalities, Heaven and Hell, One keeps the peace, As the other breaks the world
I’m stuck between two, But with you I only see Sky Blues,
Keep your head up and you’ll always see the sky,

Even though the clouds cover it’s a triumph hiding in disguise
I feel I can die, with my heart in one hand, pleading for your hand
Making it up for my stand, you are what makes me thy man
We can change words like leaves that grow underground,
And cities that are built under my town
Deep metaphors are like red bricks in sky-land,
I rather do something and fail than to do nothing at all and succeed, which is why I’m telling you.
I like you, I really like you, I envy that my emotions get the best of me
It’s been years that I’ve had feelings that’s beyond 5th Degree,
So let me tell you with my right hand out, please do listen
My heart is pouring out
Will you be mine, and I be yours
I promise to you, in this big corridor
You’re the only door in this hall, that has a handle that is too difficult to turn
So will you unlock it?