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Javier Rucker '13 Presents Anime Manga for March 20th

Javier Rucker Manga Art Click All Pictures to Enlarge

Don't believe in yourself, believe in the me who believes in you.  " That's the quote that motivates me the most," Javier Rucker stated recently in an interview with the Legacy that sought to explain the drive behind the President of the Patrick Henry Anime Manga Club.

When did you start drawing?

"Around 4th grade at WISE Charter School here in Minneapolis.  I actually started my art career with a photography class there.  An art teacher was impressed with my work and suggested that I begin to paint.  I painted a lighthouse that I gave to my grandmother.  Then my art class had a project where we had to do sketch a friend and that led to people drawings and then in 6th or 7th grade I saw Anime Manga on the Cartoon Network and I began to draw manga.  I started  buying books, DVDs, games, and books. I draw whenever I have time.  Sometimes at the end of class.  A lot of time I draw in my room at home. the piece that I did that shows up on this page took me about two hours.

When I started at Patrick Henry I joined the Anime Manga Club and have been coming to Club meetings for three years.  I've learned a lot from the Clubs here.  Ashley Novitzky '11 and Sara Ross '11 were both helpful to me last year.

Have you had any jobs that fed your art work?

Step Up got me a nice job last year in the Brooklyn Center Library.  I learned that a big Manga Club meets there every month and I joined that club and have gotten a lot of ideas that are helping me with our Patrick Henry Anime Manga Club.

What are some of your goals goals for the Anime Manga Club?

  • To get anime outside the box
  • to explore more than art, music art and the anime community
  • To get people online at:

Who motivates you?

My cousin--he does Korean dancing and competes in tournaments. He tells me that I can do anything if I set my mind to it. 

What are some of your personal goals for life after Henry?

Go to MCAD and take my drawing further.  I want to go more in depth and create a film. I also want to continue a graphic novel that I've already started.