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The Legacy
Ka Shares Winning Essay for May 22nd


Ka recently submitted this work and won the Annual 2013 Rose Rees Peace Essay.

Honestly, I do not believe in world peace.  I do not even know what it is.  The world is in too much chaos to be anywhere near tranquil.  There will always be opposite views that never find a way to accept each other.  However, there is only one solution that I can think of.   

This solution, I believe, is one of the hardest of all in history to achieve.  The solution is character.  

Wars happen because of the bad characters that our “leaders” had.  They were incapable of listening to the wishes of other nations, and only pursued self-interest.  In addition, this is how I came up with my own definition of a leader.  A leader is not simply someone who holds the highest position in a hierarchy.  It is not someone does the thinking or makes the decision for everyone else.  A leader is someone who is willing to work with others who have a different perspective from himself to achieve the same goal, no matter how hard it is.  

A leader is willing to challenge his own thoughts and identify himself collaboratively with others.  As for me, I am a leader.  

I do not believe in world peace, but it does not mean I do not want it.  I have been challenging myself for the past few years by working in a diverse Urban 4-H youth leading club called Silence the Violence Crew.  I started off joining the club not because I wanted to accomplish peace, but because I knew what I did not want.  I did not want to see youth wasting their lives.  Now, though, I am beginning to see peace at a small scale.  

I have learned that not everyone envisions peace in the same way.  Some of us see peace as calmness and some see it as partying every night.  When we change our characters and are willing to listen to others, peace may prevail.  I believe that is the first step towards peace.  When I learn something new, I change myself to be better.  Humans should create their identities personally, but also collaboratively.  We can always grow together.

I have not fully believed in world peace, yet, but I am only going towards it.  If I can take down my wall of ignorance and accept others’ views, anyone can do it also.    Even now it is hard to admit this because I am not proud of it, but I used to hold onto racist views as a child.  I took the time to learn about other cultures and in fact it helped me learn more about myself also.  Good character is needed to lead ourselves to educate ourselves about others.  The words “world peace” may be intimidating to others, so they never try to approach it.  Thus, I make myself an example of possibility. No one is expected to do something big.  All it takes is a change of attitude that anyone can do.