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Good Things Happen Here

At our National African American Parent Involvement Day on February 8th a parent suggested that we capture simple random acts of kindness. Here are a few of the great things that our volunteers have done to support our community.

Kirsten Rome: Her Family and the Patrick Henry Family


Blending My Family With the Patrick Henry Family
Kirsten Rome and Jack Skogen do a great deal of volunteering here at Patrick Henry. Jack has been volunteering for the past few years with the HERObotics Robotics. Not only does his work with the students help them to become better designers but he also helps them become better problem solvers by working through any design problems that may arise. Along with having a full time job and volunteering with the Robotics Team nights and weekends, Jack has also worked with the Science and Children’s Museums to aid in the design of various exhibits.

Kirsten volunteers with the Anime Manga Club on Wednesdays and Fridays and last year also helped to plan and coordinate the First Annual Back to School Barbeque along with designing and creating t-shirts for the staff who attended. Kirsten also does work with Mr. Sylvestre to refurbish old computers to give to families that are in need of one. So far this year they have given away 300 computers. While doing all that wonderful work, Kirsten also creates the school newspaper. Keep in mind that she does all this for free!

Kirsten and Jack have been involved in many different community level efforts. They have been on district level advisory board as parents, has worked with the local NRP as board members, board members at the North Country Co-op, volunteers at the East Side Neighborhood Services, and with the Ease Side Food Co-op working in the neighborhood parade. They started Sheridan Shooting Stars Youth Photography in 2007 with Patrick Henry being one of their sites they work with kids from the community at. They have had 5 kids go through the Minneapolis School District and have found ways to volunteer at each school. Jack and Kirsten have been volunteering in the Minneapolis School District since 1990.

Jack recently graduated from Saint Paul College and Kirsten is currently working on getting her Masters Degree at the University of Minnesota.