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Kristen Breaks Down Nova Hockey for January 9th


Kristen shares news about her hockey life in hopes that you will come to see her and her fellow Nova Hockey players at one of their biggest games of the year:  Saturday, January 12th at Parade Ice Garden--JV Girls 1:00 PM   Varsity Girls 3:00 PM.  See more at the Nova Web site.

When did you start playing hockey?

When I was seven.  My mom wanted me to try something new and that it would be interesting for the family.  My first experience was at the Northeast Rink.  Now I've got a little sister and she sees me play and might give it a try herself.

What position do you play?

I play center.  I like this position because it's fast paced and I feel like I have a better opportunity of scoring.  Currently I'm leading the team the team in goals.  Hockey is a fast paced sport where you have to skate your heart out.  Our line changes every minute or so.  At the end of a game you're totally exhausted.

Have you received any penalties this year? 

Yes.  Two in one game earlier this year against Duluth.  They happened almost at the same time.  One of the penalties was tripping, the other one was an accidental hold with my stick.

Tell us about your practice schedule and coaches. 

We practice everyday after school--mostly up the street at VMIA sometimes at Parade for an hour and 15 minutes everyday.  Coach Amy played college hockey at Bethel and she's experienced and young so she understands not only hockey but other outside of school situations.

Will you play hockey in college? 

I might.  I don't know yet.  I hope to go to the U of MN and study Biology.

Do you have any outdoor games this year? 

We always have one.  It will be toward the end of the season.  I can't remember which team we play.

Who is your toughest opponent? 

Our team is so young.  We have a lot of 8th graders on the JV Team so everyone that we play is tough.

Do you have a women's hockey role model? 

I really like Gigi Marvin because she's fast and a really good player.  She plays for the White Caps, a local professional team. Her mom Janet Marvin actually taught me how to play.