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The Legacy
Lucas Appeals for Skaters for April 23rd


The reason I skate is that i is fun and it's a good experience and gives me a positive feeling when I land a trick or see something amazing.  Skating is also a good stress reliever.  At Henry we have a lot of skaters and a lot of those skaters would like to skate, but there's no skate club.  I have been asked

Please click to enlarge and see Henry skaters in action.
by many people why there's no skate club with so many skaters here. 

Just recently our crew (eight names were listed in Lucas's article) has been doing competitions and it goes to a different level of skating because our crew wants to beat other crew members which means we also have to take it to another

level of practice and competitivity. When we skate, we try to stay positive and push each other to get better and try to learn more tricks.

The crew name is called Junkyard Skate.  Most of the members on Junkyard Skate have been together since 8th grade.

We're currently working on a video.