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I Am Hmong

At Patrick Henry High School, we value and appreciate the presence of Hmong students in our community. This page will showcase staff and student work around Hmong language and culture.

Mr. Seng Lo Pays Homage to General Vang Pao


Patrick Henry High School
January 6th, 2011.

Thursday, January 6th, 2011, is a day of great loss for  Hmong Community throughout the world. The Hmong's greatest hero, General Vang Pao, has passed away. I received the news after a tennis match with my son, Jonathan. He had gotten a text message from one of his friends, and he informed me after I have come out from the shower. I fell down on my knee and tried to gather myself of the great lost I felt in my heart, that same feeling I had when my father passed away.

The general and my father go a long way back. They were comrades during the Vietnam War. The general was a military leader and my father was one of the civilian leaders. They understood their roles as leaders as well as brotherhood. They always supported and honored each other with a sense of loyalty and respect. This relationship had continued to the day of my father’s last breath on earth, March 14th, 2005, the General was at his old friend’s bedside to comfort him with his family.

Mr. Seng Lo, Math and Hmong Literacy Teacher at Patrick Henry
I understood the meaning of their brotherly loves and their commitments to each other. It affirmed to me the stories that my parent had told me about the General and his genuine love for the Hmong People. The many trips that general Vang Pao took over the years to visit our Hmong Community in Minnesota, he often stopped by at our home to chat with my father and share his hopes and dreams for the Hmong People. I have witnessed the General in many social events where he had the opportunity to interact with Hmong elders, scholars, young men and women. I can sense his sincerity, his intentions, and his willingness to make the necessary change for the betterment of his people.

Today we have lost a great hero, my heart goes out to each and every Hmong person who has known or heard of the General, and particularly to his family. May the spirit of our Hmong ancestor be with us and comfort us during this mourning period of our life, and may the soul of our great General rest in peace. I believe that a new leader will rise to lead the Hmong to its future, and the brighter future of the Hmong people is yet to come.