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The Legacy
Ms. Lennan Shares Her Latest Poem for April 19th


You're more likely to get hit by a meteorite than to publish a book about poetry, but Ms. Lennan has published a book on poetry. If you read her work it's easy to see why the publisher said yes. Here's her latest, A Calling.

A Calling


Atomic cloud

as electrons buzz around

a nuclear hive

drawn so close to the inside

the positive center of it all


like the foreign lights of a UFO

the sighting above

and the landing unknown


a hovering

just outside

of wanting


a fever that drips on the edge

of sweat

a horse that strikes at a snake



like a hot river of flames

we all must rise

and swim upstream


jump, even though a bear

is waiting

beat against the claws

and smile


like brilliant sunshine

during a rain of snow

where would one be without the other?


I rest my head

upon the edge of a sparrow’s nest

and feel the rim

made of many flights

exhausting work


but when the nucleus opens

and new life begins

it’s why I must write

over and over again


it’s the calling

to love

one another



karen lennan