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The Legacy
Ms. Toedt Publishes Poetry in Camden News for November 21st


Boiling Over by Elise Toedt
“There are some things I’d like you to remember from me,” he says.
“One thing to remember is you’ve got to be vigilant.
Like those pots of beans today that nearly foamed over—
Now I know you wanted to multi-task,
wanted to let the beans roll to a boil
while you prepared others for freezing.
But I know: as soon as you turn your back
that water will boil over.
It happened to me the other day,
what with the new stove and all.
I turned around for only one minute
and the next thing I knew the water
was streaming down the sides of the pot
with the sound of air pushed through clenched teeth.
So what I’m saying is you’ve got to watch.
You’ve got to take your time
and mind the steps of the process.”