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MYP Subject Areas

The Middle Years Programm consists of 8 Subject Areas.  All students must engage in study in at least 6 of the 8 Subject Areas for the full year each year.  Most students will engage in at least 7 Subject Areas each year.  

Language and Literature: English Language Arts 9 and 10

Language Acquisition: Chinese, French, Japanese, and Spanish

Mathemtics: Intermediate Algebra and Geometry

Sciences: Physical Science 9 and Biology 10

Individuals and Societies: Geography (semester in 9th), US History 10, African-American History, History of the Hmong, Chican@/Latin@ Studies, and First Nations   (Semester Choices, at least one required in 9th)

Physical and Health Education: Fitness for Life and Health (Semester of each required)
Team Sports, Team Sports 2, Weight Training and Conditioning, Weight Training 2, Net Games, and New Moves 

Arts: Performance Theatre
Band, Choir, Orchestra, Guitar, Guitar 2, Piano, and Piano 2
Studio Art, Drawing, Drawing 2, Painting, Painting 2, Ceramics, and Ceramics 2

Design: Intro to Engineering Design and Principles of Engineering
Digital Photography and Digital Video


If you have questions about MYP Course Offerings and your course schedule, please contact your school counselor.