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Name That Reference by Emilia


The Legacy asked Emilia to share some of her latest drawings.  She obliged.  

I titled this collection of drawings 'Name That Reference' because I have combined many images and symbols together from various places that are fairly well known, hence referencing those images, movies, webcomics, etc.

The whale in the corner, the center person, and the little frowning person next to the center person are all things I made up, though. The whale's name is Monocle the Nuke Whale since its got a monocle on and has a nuclear explosion coming out from its blow-hole instead of mist. The center person is me with a realistic body, but one of my cartoon heads, and the frowning person next to it is one of my cartoon bodies, with my realistic head on it. My head has "run off" confused(as I'm sure any head would be if it found itself not on the proper body).

Here's a hint as to where many of those images are from: most come from anime movies (largely Miyazaki ones), anime, and manga.