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The Legacy
Natesia Writes To Her Big Brother for May 29th


To My Brother, Jeremiah:

I will never forget the day that I heard the news that you had left me.  I was at home.  Your killer tried to explain what happened.  His words fell on deaf ears.

The words that I heard at your funeral fell down on me like rain, bringing life to seeds of hope and love deep inside me.

I now know that you haven’t left me.  You are in my heart and soul. Uncle Maurice said it best when he said, “No matter how bad life could get, Jeremiah would tell and convince people that it would get better.  Jeremiah would always be there and say the words,” I gotcha.”

Please know that I need you now.  I’m upset.  I’m mad.  I’m angry.  This dude took a piece of me.  You were one of the only people that I really got along with.  I’m empty. A whole other side of me is gone.  It’s too much! I find myself just wanting to cry.  I feel like I can’t do anything without you.

I think about you every day.  I have a memorial set up for you in my school locker, in my notebook binder and at home.  We have your roses everywhere. I need you to heal my broken heart.  I know, but I need to be reminded that you are in a better place.  I need you to help me let go of my biggest regret, that sick feeling that I had about your killer and that I should have said something or done something sooner to get you out of that place.  I never liked that person.  I have learned that it’s not what you see when you get something, it’s what you get when you’re looking at him. Help me to let go of regrets and learn to become the strong woman you expect me to become.

Please know that until we meet again, I gotcha.  I gotcha memory, your legacy, your children, and your hopes and dreams.  I won’t let you down. 

Until we meet again I will always hold you close in my heart and soul.

Thank you always for the laughs and the love.

Your little sister,



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