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Naviance is a post-secondary planning tool that will be used to help you track your progress as you plan for life after high school.  This tool will be the main tool used by your counselor to communicate important information to you and your family. 

The first time you enter Naviance you will need to register.  To do so, enter your username (see definitions below) and click register.  The following screen requires you to enter your Minneapolis Public School (MPS) email address and select a password.  We strongly encourage you to use either your username or student ID as your password.  Then click “I accept” and continue registration.

Accessing Naviance
You will need to enter your MPS email and your password.

This is the same username you use for all Southwest computers.  Your username is the first two letters of your first name, the first three letters of your last name, and 001.  Note:  if more students than you have these combinations of letters, your number may not be 001.  If 001 does not work, increase the number value until it works (e.g., 002, 003, etc)

Your school email account is your  We require that you use this email account.

Student Name:  Sample Student
MPS email:
Username:  sastu012

Access Naviance now.

does this fire?!