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The Legacy
Nick Shares Prologue for May 24th



Chapter 1; Ambition
In the world of Oragno, peace was never to be achieved, war was inevitable, and equality was a joke. Nobody cared whether a person died because they were living a nightmare. People only cared about being the strongest, and the best way to them to be stronger? That is to fight, kill, survive. That was the only perspective of most. Then, one night everything changed when a man named Reem, rose up. He was 17, very powerful, and had one dream, to end war and have peace emerge. He was ambitious, determined, and swore his life to that dream. When he was 19, he made a village with a group of people called The Sacred Vine Village.
Reem was a very good kid, and a nice adult and would give his life to protect the village. When he was 23, the village grew. It had a population of over 3000 at this point, and many small villages have followed in their footsteps, but, that caused problems. The village was under attack from powerful enemies. The small villages waged warfare for more land and resources for themselves. Reem offered a peace treaty to every village, most accepted, but the ones that didn’t waged war. There was only one village as strong as The Sacred Vine Village and that was The Heavenly Wind Village. As it has been taken over by a dictator, they waged war against The Sacred Vine Village. Reem decided he would defend the village with his life. He resigned his position as the leader and chose three candidates to help him. He let the village choose one of the three positions.
During an infiltration mission Reem decided to do it alone. He was ready to fight, and that’s what he did. He killed three guards, then snuck into the village, and snuck into the leader’s throne room. Once there he fought with their leader alone, offering him a choice: take back the war declaration or die. The leader chose not to take back the declaration. “I have no personal grudge, but if it means my village, then I’ll have no choice,” Reem said. “Sorry”.
Reem killed him, came back to the village, and said, “I know I said war was inevitable, but this could have been avoided. I know I did not go the road of peace. If only a way could have been found, I would've done it.” “Let us have a moment of silence for all the lives that were wasted.”.
Reem’s best friend, Conway came over. “If only it wasn’t,” Conway said depressed. “If it takes my lifetime to find an answer, then so be it. If I die searching, may a legacy rule over time, and find a way,” Reem said proudly. “If you believe that, then lets make this official, I declare war, against war.” Conway said, then started laughing. “Exactly.” Reem smiled, then laughed and as the sun set on the beautiful village. Reem pointed at the sun, and also repeated the pledge to end war.
Eleven years ago, The Village of Roaring Lightning, was massacred and destroyed by The Twisted Clay Village. Almost all were killed, almost every outpost of the village was destroyed, and their leader, Florn, was killed in combat. All the survivors were sent to The Sacred Vine Village. One of the survivors, Joltic, was two when this happened. He was sent to a foster family. When he was five, he dreamed of becoming a Ninja. When he was seven, he learned of what happened to his village. He was sad, crying, scared that it might happen to this village. Then, when he was eight he had a dream, a dream that would change his life. And that dream was to never allow a massacre like that to ever happen at any expense. He was then enrolled in a academy, he was a little above average, which was good. He trained every day, until he dropped out to become stronger. When Joltic was 11, he has started to learn to control his Mana, and use it. When he was 12, he has decided on a weapon, or any type of combat skill, and he choose the Javelin. He was quite formidable with them, and had very good concept of how to use them. Now, one year later, he decided to move out. As he said to his foster mom, “I count myself as your family, but bearing the name isn’t my style, as I shall grow strong. I’ll create a name, and the name is Saved. Love you.” As he left he was sad, but happy. He kept repeating, “Joltic Saved” for hours on end. The next day, he went to the academy to see what was going on. He was going to graduate. The graduation was in a few days, and that is when this story, begins.