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Nou Vang '12 Addresses NHS for April 18th

Nou Vang '12

Leadership is one of the four pillars of the National Honor Society.  Nou Vang '12 explains what service in the NHS means to her in a speech that she delivered at the NHS Induction on April 12th.

Everyone wants to be a leader in someway, shape or form. Some only strive for being recognized but some will go beyond. This year, I realized that every good deed done really has its reward. Being accepted into National Honor Society is really an honor. Last year, I wanted to be on the Executive Council for NHS but unfortunately I did not get voted in as a finalist. However I decided that if I am not able to represent NHS on the executive council, I would support them with all my heart and strength. NHS is a group effort. Every individual has to put their 100% truly in to make NHS thrive, grow and learn from mistakes. Not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to participate in NHS. I love helping others and so I go beyond an effort of 100%. I want to prove to others that I am dedicated to NHS. When Ms. Lockhart or Mr. Owen have an NHS meeting, its only about twice a month. They really are not asking much of your time and usually it takes about 45 minutes for a meeting.

As students and members of NHS, we are all grown and mature enough to do more than what is asked from us, to go beyond what others think we are capable of doing. Many of us will find that sometimes working a little harder will pay off in the end. In NHS, we do three to four big events in the school. For example, Val-O-Grams, the upcoming Blood Drive, Feed My Starving Children and other small community services like volunteering at a hospital or cleaning and gardening around the school. I am not saying everyone has to be alike but everyone must have a similar goal for NHS to grow and learn. I will not say that I have never missed a meeting or an event that NHS has ever made but I make up for the time loss because every minute counts and others depend on you to do your part.

When we have big events at school, Ms. Lockhart and Mr. Owen are only asking for an hour of dedication but there are others who are truly not able to attend and as a peer, we all have to respect each other’s privacy. We, as understanding peers, should help pick up their work shift for them sometimes. The amount of time Mr. Owen and Ms. Lockhart ask from each of us is so little that when you pick up for others it does not take a lot of time. Plus, the events that we participate in are so fun that you really do not mind the extra load sometimes.

Community and Service is something I do not hesitate to volunteer about because when we are accepted into NHS, we are based on four criteria; Scholarship, Leadership, Services and Character. I believe that character, leadership, and scholarship all increase through a dedication to service. I have grown tremendously as a person, as a student, and as a leader in the senior class through my participation in service. Giving to others is a gift and a privilege. Finally, here is a quote from the PHHS NHS page:

Always to seek the light of truth,

To hold scholarly habits,

To engage in worthy service,

In so doing, I shall prove myself worthy

Of a place in the National Honor Society.

I take this vow seriously and I hope that others will too!

Thank You!