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On Paper by Divonte


The Way They Perceive

I sit back and look at world problems,

New ones evolving, old, never resolving,

Fighting and killing each other

Been here since the beginning of time,

Look at the murders the homicides…

Brothers killing brothers,

Black on Black crime,

I am fine outside, but dying slow in the inside,

These words don’t need to rhyme for you to get the message,

How you perceive what you heard is the point I’m stressing,

Cuz me saying “stop” wouldn’t do no good,

Cuz to the hood the meaning of “Black pride” is still misunderstood,

I mean look…

You was brought here in chains, but now to hate you a slave and you can’t run from fate,

Cuz it will get you and put you in a messed up place,

I remember the knowledge to this day that Homies told me who ain’t living ok,

But I took their words and put them in perspective and I’m wondering why they in the mess they in,

I mean whoa like this is a trip,

Cuz they hangin' the streets but they actually got a lot of knowledge,

You see, I mean half of them perceive life better than you and me.