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On Their Shoulders: Honoring the African American Contributions to Patrick Henry and America
Mr. Syid Abdullah (Father of Mr. Yusuf Abdullah) sailing on the USS Providence during the Vietnam War

We're trying to make Black History Month stretch over an entire year. We invite all staff and students to take a moment and write the answers to these simple questions:

  • Who in your family, community, and our country has inspired, motivated, and lifted your spirits to help you become a better person? 
  • What actions did they take that made you and the world a better place to live? 
  • As you stand on their shoulders what will YOU do to inspire others and also make the world a better place to live?

A great place to look for community and national leaders is at the African American Registry

Dino '14: Patrick Henry Was a Slaveowner

Dino '14 researches the namesake of our high school.  He is not impressed and would like to change the name of our school.

Benjamin McHie: Stretching Black History From One Month To Full Year

Patrick Henry is proud to tell the story of Benjamin McHie, who has written thousands of stories of legendary African American leaders in the African American Registry (under the Heroes tab in Quick Links of this Home Page).  The Feb. 16th, 2012 Star Tribune now writes his story.

Mr. Byrd Looks Back On His Life and the Life of America

Even now, our Mr. Byrd is known as the fastest man of all time in Minnesota.  Mr. Byrd slows down a bit to reflect on his life and the life of America in this collection of notes from a presentation that he made at his alma mater, Green Central School on African American Parent Involvement Day on February 13th, 2012.

Ms. Buckner Presents French Black History

Ms. Buckner used her Web site skills to present the exciting story of French Black History.

Ms. Mosiori Remembers Dada Anna, A Torch Bearer

Ms. Mosiori holds the memory of her sister up for all to see, and the resulting light shows us our way along the path we must now take.

Darius Hill '13 Honors His Father

Darius Hill '13 remembers and honors his father in thought, words and action.  A tattoo is a constant reminder of his presence after his passing in the Summer of 2010.  Darius '13 reflects on the life and death of his father and the impact on his life.

Ms. Buckner Praises Her Father, Dr. Reginald Buckner

When I think about the topic, “On Their Shoulders,” I begin to think about my father, Dr. Reginald Buckner. He was a man who had a big heart for his family, his community and his music.

Mr. Yusuf Abdullah Recognizes Those Who Raised Him Up to Do Great Things

My full name is Yusuf Adil Abdullah. Currently, I am an Assistant Principal at Nellie Stone Johnson School.  I worked at Patrick Henry for several years as an Academic Dean and Coordinator of the Career and College Center.  My story was the first submission to Patrick Henry's On Their Shoulders promotion.  I am hopeful that you will read it and perhaps use it as a model to share your story.  

Three Guiding Lights in My Life by Murray

As a result of Dr. Martin Luther King Junior's classic book, Strength to Love, I learned how to break cycles of violence and why it was my responsibility to teach others how to break the lock on the dungeons of ignorance that imprisoned them.