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Pa Zao Vang '12 Shares Update of Leos In Action For March 29th

Pa Zao Vang '12

This is Pa Zao Vang '12. I am the Leos In Action Public Relations Officer. I just wanted to update you are what has been going on with our club. We have been awarding the Students in Action SIA awards to our classmates for their volunteer involvement.   Here are the awards that we have presented so far:

  • November, Johnny Vang for always coming to the Leos In Action meetings after school and showing up at the events. For
  • December, Connie Xiong for her outstanding attendance in what we do
  • February, Oskar Johnson for his amazing attendance as well and for participating in so many of our events
  • March, we awarded three students, Nou Khang, Storm Autio, and Thuy An Tran for their participation in volunteer activities and becoming the GATES scholarship finalists.  If you have any more questions, feel free to contact me.