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The Legacy
Peyton Shares Poetry for May 21st

Yellow Camellia
Sweet little flower
Blowing in the headwind,
Being pushed against your will,
It’s all right.
Soon, the wind will blow your way
And gingerly whistle the tune
You so humbly composed.
Though you are still a bud.
A small one.
No matter how small you are,
An exciting future
Is awaiting your presence.
Oh, dear camellia,
How you long for this pleasure,
This utopia
Rather than grieving
In the headwind,
You dream big.
Your wish to become a flower
With a name
Will be granted soon.
Your dream to flow
In a tailwind
Will come true soon.
Saccharine little darling,
Though you’re still quite a
Small bud
And you may not yet have
A name
You will get there.
But you are ready
To become a flower.
You just need to bloom.
You remain a bud because
You have created
The cocoon in which
You are encased
You produced the barrier
That hides you
And holds you back.
Why not break it down?
Why not break through
The enclosure
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You created
With various paints,
And concealers?
So many patterns and
So many variations that
You don’t even know
Where it all began.
Where the
Mass mess of monstrosity
Let it go.
Masks can only hide a face
For so long
And barriers can only hold up
Until they break down.
Your bane
Is your own creation.
Oh, nectarous floret,
The ambrosial aroma you
Will strengthen with time
And will fan out
To help those
In need of aid in blooming
To rise above
And stand tall and firm.
You have broken out
Of your shell.
You emerged
Into a beautiful
Yellow Camellia.
Full of longing
And curiosity
From sprout
To full bloom,
You grew
And spread
It doesn’t matter how fast or slow
You bloom.
What matters is
How beautiful you’ve become,
As the result of
Surviving the
Wear and tear
Of the opposing winds.
Because what is the purpose
Of being a flower
If you spend your entire life
A bud?