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For district-wide policies, please visit the MPS Policy and Compliance website.

Winter weather

Families should tune in to WCCO TV (Channel 4) or WCCO AM (830 AM) for the status of Minneapolis Public Schools, or visit us on the web at If parents have questions about their child's specific bus route to school, they may contact the Transportation Department at 612.668.2300. You may also wish to contact the District Office at 612.668.0000 for information on school closings.

For the detailed policy information on absenses due to inclement weather, review the policy document on the district website.


At Patrick Henry High School we would like to see all of our students in school and on time 100% during the school year. In the event that your student is absent due to circumstances beyond their control such as a religious holiday, family emergency, or illness or injury please follow the procedures below.  Given the importance of daily attendance we ask that all doctor and dentist appointments be scheduled after school or release days whenever possible.

Please contact us for every absence by making a telephone call to 612.668.1927 (English) or 612.668.1949 (Hmong).

The information necessary in the excuse must include:

  1. Name of Student
  2. I.D. Number or date of birth
  3. Date(s) of Absence
  4. Reason for Absence
  5. Your relationship to the student
  6. A number you can be reached at

Further questions or concerns about your student's attendance may be addressed by contacting Ms. Torres, at 612.668.1927.

Academic honesty

Academic honesty and personal integrity are fundamental components of a student’s education and character development. Patrick Henry High School expects that students will not cheat, lie, plagiarize, or commit other acts of academic dishonesty. The well-being of the entire school community depends on the student accepting responsibility for personal conduct in both social and academic endeavors.

The academically honest student produces work representative of his/her own efforts and abilities, whereas the academically dishonest student attempts to show knowledge and skills he/she does not possess by claiming it as his/her own. Academic dishonesty may take many forms, moreover, the practice of academic dishonesty undermines the purposes of education and denies the student his/her right to personal and academic integrity.

PHHS believes that promoting academic honesty is the responsibility of the total school community. Only when there is a commitment on the part of all concerned can a school’s academic environment facilitate a healthy respect among students for the value of academic honesty. In such an environment, students will know that teachers will not ignore or condone cheating, plagiarism, or other acts of academic dishonesty. Students will also know that teachers, administrators, and parents/guardians will hold them accountable for any act of academic dishonesty.


Individual violations of academic honesty are significant. It is PHHS’s intent, through the use of consequences, that the student will learn from his/her mistakes and not exhibit dishonest behavior in the future. Violations of academic honesty are cumulative during the student’s entire attendance at district schools. Consequences will include any one of the following:

  1. Teacher will assign “no credit” (zero/F) for the work in question.
  2. Teacher will notify parent/guardian.
  3. Teacher will submit a referral to the site administration.
  4. Administrator will assign Saturday School detention.
  5. Administrator will contact parent/guardian regarding the incident.
  6. Administrator will enter incident into student’s disciplinary/cumulative file.
  7. Administrator may remove student from the National Honor Society (NHS), if the student is a member of that organization.
  8. Administrator may suspend student from extra-curricular activities, including sports.
  9. Conference will be held with the parent/guardian and student.
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