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The Legacy
Ricochet by Karen Lennan for November 26th


Ricochet by Karen Lennan

Love has a lullaby rhythm, a Health all to its own
No age at all, being both old and young
A penny and a feather, found together
A mirror to a mirror, reflective waves rebound
From shore to shore, like the physics of sound
A Love echo, reverberates
And Hope is the Name of Every Child
For every sword, there is a stronger shield
For every death, there is a thousand newborn yield
For every exile, there is a brand new home
For every exit, there is an encore
Bow down
To hear
For every book burned, there is a hidden diary
Cut out the tongue, and the word spreads ever more
Cut off the head to save a crown, and the royal name drowns
To exalt a common martyr, for what is Death?
but a worshipped humble tree, not a bejeweled empty throne
A poisoned apple saved a kingdom, sleeping in its Time
Ban the song, and a battalion of batons arise
For Love is a lullaby, rocking to and fro
I sing to Every Daughter, from cradle to dawn
From Father to Son, every battle is already won