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Sandy Xiong '14 Explains the Festival of Nations for May 17th

Sandy Xiong '14

Festival of Nations

Hello there my name is Sandy Xiong. My experience at the Festival of Nations was welcoming, fun, and tasty. A lot of people may think that the Festival of Nations is just to go and have fun, but you have to really think why so many different cultures come together every year and do this. This was the second time I have gone to the Festival of Nations and this certainly will not be my last. I would have to say that not a lot of people wanted to go this year. I would totally recommend you guys to go next year. Its a great experience that you will never forget.

The Festival of Nations is a very welcoming place. My first time going there I felt like people were welcoming me from all over the world. Its a wonderful experience seeing all of the different cultures coming together just for our entertainment. Everywhere you go you will always see a smile. To the shopping area, the food area, and the performing area. They are all happy to be there. To share their culture with us. I saw a lot of students coming out of there with smiles on their faces. I know for sure that I'm going back next year, but if the people don't satisfy you then probably the fun of it will.

When I say that the Festival of Nations is fun, I mean it truly is fun. You'll have a wonderful time there. There are so many things to do and so many things to see. Just when you think you've seen it all, something pops up at the corner of your eye. The performances were the most interesting things to watch. I sat down for 3 performances and I have to say they were something that I have never seen before. I watched a traditional Japanese dance, a Latin dance, and a dutch dance.

They also get you involved in the dancing. They ask if you would like to learn some moves. Also the shopping area has a lot of stuff you can buy. I bought a lot of stuff like two necklaces, a small doll set, a hat for my little baby brother, and cute hello kitty glasses. Let me tell you right now that it is very expensive, if you would like to buy something make sure you bring a lot of cash with you, but if your not satisfied yet then you can go on to the foods.

The food have to be my favorite part of the Festival of Nations. There are a lot of different kinds of food. From my experience you gotta taste something that you have never tasted before. When I was there I had Korean food, Mexican food, Thai food, Nepalese food, and Chinese food. I was very familiar with the Thai food, and Chinese food, but I have never had Korean food before or Nepalese food. They were delicious. When I got back to school a lot of people said I smelled like a buffet. That just means I spend a long time eating, but I did go looking around for other things too. Again the food can also be expensive so make sure to bring even more money for food. You won't regret it.

That's why I would happily recommend anybody to go to the Festival of Nations. You will have a blast if you do go. If your not so sure of going next year because of the fee don't worry about it. You can try and work something out with your teacher. I will also be going next year too, so maybe come hang with me and I'll show you around. I bet you that the people will be welcoming, you will have fun, and you will enjoy the food, the shopping, and the performances. Also remember bring a lot of money.

~Sandy Xiong