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The Legacy
Shakirrah Stives for a Great Future for November 15th

Striving For a Great Future.
Strive for a great future so you can be the very best
Show the people who put you down that you’re better than the rest
Make your parents proud and strive for success
All you have to do is put your brain to the test.
Live life to the fullest and go beyond your dreams
Do something outrageous and go to the extreme
Don’t be shy to do what you want in life
Because its your life and you have the right
Never let anyone hurt you or shut you down
Its your chance to make a change right here and right now.
Strive for success so you can have a better tomorrow
Smile and let go of all your sorrow
Be the best you can be and smile all day
Because whenever there’s a will there’s always a way
So strive for a great future and be the best you can be
And live life to the fullest because you’re free.
Find the big meaning to life and stay in school
Because striving for a great future is the BEST thing to do.