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The Legacy
Short Story by Charlie for February 14th


Charlie Presents

Dr. Evil’s New Invention


In a far far away place there lived an evil scientist named Dr. Evil and his apprentice Dr. Steven. Dr. Evil is on his way to his secret laboratory (in his basement). He is working on his new and latest invention that he had just came up with. With Dr. Steven’s help, Dr. Evil is going to create something so evil that no other evil scientist has ever thought of it and this time it’s going to be big and I mean big, it is taller than any normal human would be and it will be as long as a truck.

His new invention was almost complete: it only needs a few more touches and then it would be complete. Due to the fact that it was snowing Dr. Evil could only work for half of the day. As he was making finishing touches, Dr. Steven yelled out “Hey Doc it time to turn on the Prodatron 3000 or else it is going to be like Antarctica by 4:00 pm and its already 3:50 pm.” So Dr. Evil hurried up and went to the Podatron 3000 and turned it on, but suddenly the power went out.

The Doc yelled out “ Hey Steve, check out if the power is out or if it’s a power shortage.”

             "Ok Doc you got it” answered Steven.

             As he went out back to check on the main power supply he noticed that there was some strange teeth marks on it and that the main power was destroyed. As the Doc was about to go do some finishing touches on his new creation he noticed that it wasn’t there anymore. As he looked around he heard some strange noises. One that sounded like some kind of giant animal breathing and as he turned around he saw the shadow of a lion looking figure running out of his lab. He went and got Dr. Steven and went to look for his runaway invention and they found the trail that it left behind and it led them to his room as he opened the door slowly knowing that it might jump on him when he opened the door.

            He peeked in and saw the beast sleeping on his bed and as happy as he could be. He took out his camera and took a picture. His robot dog jumped on him and licked his face. Now he had a special buddy to hang out with. The last finishing touch that he was going to do was put the evil chip that makes robots evil into his invention. But he threw it away knowing that it was perfect the way it was. His evil invention, the robot dog, turned out to be good instead of evil. So as you can see not all evil scientists make evil inventions.