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The Legacy
Short Story by Sulfie for February 13th


This Doesn’t Matter

“Oh no!” “What happened darling?” Adam and Jamie are getting ready for work. Jamie is in the bathroom. She is washing her long blond hair. After a while something drops down at the floor. It sounds like something broke. Jamie shouts out of the bathroom. Adam is getting his shoes on. He is wearing a suit from Hugo Boss. He looks like someone of the movie “Men in Black”. Jamie sounds shocked “Adam! We have a problem!” Adam is relaxed. He takes a last sip from his tea and says, “Jamie, darling, I’m late. You can call me, bye!” He left the house with his Porsche.

They both earn a lot of money. Jamie works for Gucci. She left the bathroom. She wraps the towel around her. Jamie is getting white in her face. She is using one hand to hold the towel with the other on she is holding her iPhone. She is looking at pictures from their vacations in Dubai. An expensive trip. Amazing week. Beautiful picture.

Adam is back from his office. He opens the door after ringing the doorbell twice. “Jamie? Are you there?” Jamie is upstairs in their bedroom. She is sitting on their bed. She is not holding the towel anymore. Her face is white. She looks really sick. Adam goes upstairs to their room. He is shocked when he sees Jamie. “Jamie, what happened? Tell me! Stop looking at the pictures!” She was sitting the whole day there. She was just looking at pictures. Her face is getting whiter than white. Emotionless. The towel is on the floor. Jamie is still looking at the pictures of Adam and her. She is not answering. Adam goes to her and touches her skin.  She is cold. He is imagining the most terrible stories. He is going into the bathroom and then he sees this something!

Ten years later. Jamie is wearing a dress. The dress she was going to wear 10 years ago for work. The dress is dark blue and dirty. It looks really old but she can’t by new cloth. This is different today. She is not going to work, she is going to eat lunch in the prison. After Adam broke up with her, shortly after everything changed, Jamie falls into a big hole. A life on the street. Drugs, alcohol and trouble took her for the next five years into prison. But how did this happen? Why did Adam break up with Jamie?

After that day, Adam saw the pregnancy test in the bathroom. The test was positive. He was so excited. His family was going to be completed. But what happened to Jamie? And what was this bottle on the bathroom floor? Hydromonchloroxin. He was trying to understand. “Why did she try to do that?” The ambulance arrived. During the 19 days in the hospital the doctors tried everything to keep her alive successfully. But they had to get her stomach pumped and for Jamie’s secret joy the baby could not be saved.  Jamie had nothing left. She was rich and now she was homeless. She had a job, but now she had lost it. Adam never got his answer about why she did that but this all doesn’t matter.

Ten years ago, Jamie is in the bathroom washing her long blond hair. Adam is getting ready for work. He is wearing an expensive suit from Hugo Boss. Jamie shouts out of the bathroom “Adam, I think I’m going to write the book different!”