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Site Council

The Site Council is essentially a group of parents, caregivers, community members and educators working together to help ensure the continued success of Henry High School. Members serve three-year terms and we work on a variety of tasks ranging from curriculum to the annual budget.  Most important in our success is understanding what the needs are of the community both within the school and in our surrounding neighborhood. Please always feel free to contact us and share your ideas, concerns, wishes, and comments as these serve as the building blocks for our discussions and road maps to our future. 


The purpose of the Council shall be to represent students, family, staff, and community interests in the decision-making process governing the affairs of Henry High School.  Each Council member represents the entire Henry High School community and works toward the common goals and mission as stated in the Henry High School Improvement Plan (SIP) and Strategic Plan.


To facilitate shared decisions through parent and staff representation to achieve high-quality education for our children and a positive, supportive and responsive educational environment for students, staff, and parents.

Site Council members will attend meetings during the school year in order to propose, discuss, make, publish and implement decisions and policies pertaining to the goals, directions, activities, and pedagogical methods of Henry High School.


Membership shall consist of Henry High School educators, parents/caregivers, community partners, and community members from the community neighborhood at large when possible.  It is a fundamental goal of Henry High School that the Site Council membership represents the diversity of the school and the community. Every reasonable effort is made to achieve this goal.

Site Council Membership

Site Council Rolling Agenda for 2021-2022, 2022-2023

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