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Site Council

The Patrick Henry Site Council is a representative body of students, parents, school staff, and community agency individuals that has been formed to develop strategies to ensure that our school stays true to the academic and business goals that we have established.  The Site Council will meet at least monthly or as needed until the end of the school year and share reports on their progress.  

Site Council Members 2020-21

Xavier Manley- Student Representative

Nancy Marks-Becker- Parent  

Sujin Vue- Parent

Matt Sabin- Parent

Mary Raab- Certified Staff Member

Arielle Rocca- Certified Staff Member

Adam Vue- Non-Certified Staff Member

Teddy Lee- Non-Certified Staff Member

John Baker- Community Member

Shana Moses- Community Member

Houston White- Business Partner 

Kimberly Caprini-Business Partner 

Sue Cragg-Admin Designee

Yusuf Abdullah- Principal