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Site Council By-Laws





Patrick Henry High School

4320 Newton Avenue North

Minneapolis, MN  55412

Main Office: 612-668-2000

Fax: 612-668-1993



The name of this organization shall be the Patrick Henry High School Site Leadership Council (hereinafter also known as the “Site Council”).



 The Site Council supports the mission of Patrick Henry High School to provide educational opportunities that enable all of its students to graduate from high school prepared for a rich life experience as well as post secondary options best suited to their individual interests and abilities.



The duties and responsibilities of the Site Council are:

  1. Advise the school site administrator or principal on school-based decisions.
  2. Review the level of student achievement at the site based on disaggregated data for established subgroups in the school for the purposes of advising school staff on the contents of the School Improvement Plan (SIP).
  3. Recommend use of compensatory education revenue, as that term is defined in applicable Minnesota Law, allocated to the school in the preparation of the annual budget.
  4. Advise the school site administrator or principal on the use of the school budget allocation to support the goals established in the SIP.
  5. Monitor the use of the school budget so that resources are targeted to those uses and activities which will result in improved student achievement as provided for in the SIP.
  6. Advise the school site administrator or principal on issues surrounding school operations and local school rules.
  7. Communicate regularly with the school community about school based decisions, and decisions affecting the school.
  8. Make those decisions delegated to the Site Council by the Board of Education, or by Minnesota Law.
  9. Operate in accordance with these by-laws.



Membership on the Site Council shall be constituted as follows:

  1. Three students from the school with diverse backgrounds who are recruited and selected by the Site Council Co-Chairs.
  2. Three certified staff who are representative of the certified faculty who are selected by the certified staff.
  3. Three Parents who represent student demographics who are recruited by the administration and selected by the Site Council.
  4. Two non-certified staff who are representative of non-certified staff who are selected by the non-certified staff.
  5. Two business partners who represent businesses with a vested interest in Patrick Henry High School who are recruited by the administration and selected by the Site Council.
  6. Two Administrators consisting of the Principal and an Assistant Principal or administrative designee as appointed by the Principal.
  7. Two community members who are recruited by the administration and selected by the Site Council.  

Each constituency responsible for selecting members shall determine and carry out the process for selection of their representatives. A concerted effort shall be made to ensure membership on the Site Council that is multicultural, gender fair, disability fair, and representative of the diversity of the Patrick Henry High School including different instructional programs.


5. Terms of Office and Elections


  1. Terms of Parents, Faculty, Staff, Business Partners and Community Members

The term of office for all Site Council members in these categories is three years.  These Site Council members may serve two (2) consecutive terms. Terms shall be staggered as much as possible so that one/third (1/3) of the Site Council will be up for election in any given year. Parent members may continue to serve in their term so long as they have a student enrolled at Henry High School.  Faculty and Staff members may continue to serve in their term so long as they are assigned to Henry High School.

  1. Terms of Student Members

Student members shall serve one year terms, and may serve consecutive terms so long as they are enrolled in the school.

  1. Terms of Administrative Members

The principal shall serve as a member so long as the person is assigned to the school as the principal.  The second administrative member shall serve one year terms, and may serve consecutive terms so long as they are reappointed by the principal.


Annual elections within each of the above constituencies shall be completed before the first meeting of the school year and all newly selected representatives must be able to attend the first meeting of the Site Council.



  1. Co-Chairs

One Co-Chair shall be the Principal while the other shall be a member of the Site Council.  The Co-Chairs shall preside at all meetings of the Site Council and shall perform other duties and responsibilities as assigned herein and as necessary to generally effectuate the purpose of the Site Council. The Co-Chairs, with the approval of the majority of the Site Council membership, may make decisions in a situation requiring immediate action.


  1. Secretary

The Secretary shall keep a record of all Site Council meetings. The Secretary shall present minutes for approval, maintain a copy of the By-laws, shall add all amendments to the By-laws as made by the Site Council, and shall retain a copy of all minutes during his or her tenure in this office and shall deliver to his or her successor all such documents at the expiration of his or her term in office. The secretary will be responsible for sending meeting notices and reminders.


  1. Election of Officers

The Secretary and Co-chair shall be elected at the first meeting of the site council in each school year. 


  1. Terms of Office

The Secretary and non-principal co-chair shall serve one year terms, and may serve three consecutive terms.



  1. Schedule

The Site Council’s meeting year shall run for the school year designated by the MPS calendar. The meeting schedule for the balance of the upcoming year shall be determined at the first meeting held at the beginning of the school year. Meetings shall be held once a month. Meeting times shall be set by consensus of the members. Additional or special meetings may be called from time to time by either Co-Chair of the Site Council.


  1. Quorum

A quorum shall be a simple majority of all the members.


  1. Voting and Proxies

Each member of the council shall have one vote on all matters before the council for which the council is responsible to make a determination.

Members may send a proxy with full voting and floor privileges upon prior notice to the Co-chairs.  Members must choose proxies that are from the same constituency that they represent.


  1. Agenda.

Prior to each meeting, the Co-Chairs shall receive items for consideration from all interested persons. The Co-Chairs will develop an agenda which reflects building committee reports, Principal’s items, and any other issues and will distribute the agenda to all members no less than 24 hours prior to the meeting.


  1. Public Attendance and Participation.

Regular Meetings are open to anyone who wishes to attend. Non-members who have asked for matters to be added to the agenda may be invited to make a presentation on the subject at the discretion of the co-chairs. Participation in discussion of agenda matters is subject to the approval in advance by the Co-Chairs. At their discretion, at the time of forming the agenda, the Co-Chairs may determine that a period of public comment on matters to be considered may be allowed. The Co-Chairs may determine limitations on public comment including which agenda items are open for comment, length of each comment, number of comments, and total time for public comment.  Public Comment availability and terms shall be included on the published agenda. The Co-chairs may call a working group session at which no votes or decisions will be made or finalized.  The Co-chairs may close working groups sessions to members and invitees only.




It is assumed that all representatives have made a commitment to participate fully in the Site Council process. If a member misses three (3) consecutive meetings without a proxy or a total of five (5) meetings, with or without a proxy, during the year, that member’s constituency will be notified so that it may replace its representative. Attendance will be monitored by the Secretary.

Any member other than the principal may resign at any time upon written notice sent to the Co-Chairs.  A replacement for the remainder of the person’s terms will be selected according to the methods of selection for that constituency. 



            The Principal will ensure that decisions reached that are within the scope of the site council are in compliance with State and/ or Federal law and School District policy. On matters that have not been specifically delegated to the school site council, the Principal will consider input from the site council but will have the final decision making authority.


Recommendations to the Principal on all matters properly before the Site Council but not delegated specifically to the Site Council for determination will be made on the basis of either a consensus vote, or a majority vote, in which the Principal shall not vote.   In the case of a lack of consensus or a majority vote, a majority opinion and a minority opinion may be forwarded to the Principal for final decision making.


On all matters delegated specifically to the Site Council for determination the decision shall be made at a properly noticed meeting that includes the subject matters of the meeting.


The Site Council shall decide matters on a democratic basis by majority vote on all matters.  Majority shall be considered to be one-half (1/2) of all members in attendance plus one.


It is the responsibility of the Council and all committees and task forces to involve all affected members of the community in and around the school in the process of defining issues under discussion prior to a final decision being made.




Individuals or groups may appeal actions or decisions of the Site Council, its officers, committees or task forces. They must begin by presenting their concerns in writing to the committee, task force or person with whom the decision or action has transpired. If the group or individual is not satisfied with the resolution, they may then take the issue to the full Site Council.


The Site Council review and action will be as follows:


  1. A formal complaint shall be presented in writing to any member of the Site Council.  All complaints will be forwarded to the co-chairs. The Site Council co-chairs will place the item under new business on the next regularly scheduled meeting. The formal complaint will include a statement of the complaint and the desired outcome of the complaint. The aggrieved parties shall be given the opportunity to present the complaint at the designated time on the agenda. A complaint may be considered without the individual or group being present, however the Site Council will only be able to act upon the information presented in the written complaint.


  1. The Site Council will discuss the issue, determine an appropriate resolution, and respond to the individual or group in writing. If the individual or group spokesperson has requested time to speak to the issue at hand and fails to be present, then the Site Council will consider the matter closed. If desired, the individual/group may re-engage in the grievance procedure.


  1. If the individual or group is not satisfied with the resolution from the Site Council, they may appeal in the order presented herein:
    1. To the School Principal
    2. The appropriate Associate Superintendent
    3. The District Superintendent
    4. The Board of Education


All appeals can be reviewed by a higher authority. All appeals at all levels will be in writing, will include the name and address of the individual or group of individuals appealing a decision.  The Board of Education has the final say.




            The Secretary will provide a copy of the Site Council meeting minutes to the web page administrator so that the minutes will be published on the PHHS web page.  Each representative will make every effort to communicate meeting minutes with their constituency. Meeting notices and agenda will be published on the school web page.



These Bylaws shall be adopted by the Site Council at a regularly noticed meeting of the Site Council with adoption of the By-laws on the published agenda.


Amendments to these By-laws may be proposed at any regularly noticed meeting of the Site Council.  The proposed amendment shall be submitted in writing to the co-chairs.  Notice that by-law changes are to be considered shall be part of the published agenda of the next regularly scheduled meeting at which time public comment shall be received prior to the vote, and the vote taken on the proposed amendment.  Amendments approved become effective immediately after their adoption unless the motion to approve the amendment specifically designates a different effective date.


Adoption and changes in By-laws must be approved by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the membership of the council in attendance.


A true and correct copy of the by-laws shall be kept in the school offices and available to the public at all times.  Amendments to the by-laws shall be added in a timely fashion to the publicly available copy.


No change to these by-laws is permitted except within the terms of the District policy and regulations regarding site councils.  In all cases, the policy and regulations shall control.



Adopted: ­­­­­­­­­June 2018.