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So Real and So True by Divonte for Feb. 22


So real
So True

All The Dead Peers, The Truest of stories You About to hear, All of These shredded Tears……it’s like I can’t even see clear. I won’t show fear to aNYone, Because I won’t bacK down Not even to A guN and I Just Laugh At a meanmug Yo looKs Ain’t No slug, Addicted to hatred LiKe a Drug. But for MY chance I’M Patient LiKe A slave oN The ruN. I survived NiNe Near-death experiences. I TaKe a storY & KicK a PoeM I write so True. All off The dome. Give it to You hArd, liKe A stoNe. This lesson is Not to be PostPoned. Another dead Loved one, received that Message Through the PhoNe, To violence I’M ProNe. The light I Need to be shone, cuz MY life iN the Dark, Try to give a lil light But won’t even get a spark. I’M oN a expedition liKe Lewis & ClarK, But with NobodY To show Me The rules of the ParK sometimes I wonder if I got eNough heart. I give This PoeM a BullseYe, liKe I Threw a Dart. it’s Not the best work, But it came out smart, Because I’M KicKing Dat knowledge. This Too DeeP To even learn iN college. MY destiNY calling…But MY PhoNe oN Vibrate, I’m used to the hate. I heard what TheY saY. It’s Past-Tense Now liKe the Previous play. I don’t liKe when TheY can’t saY it to MY Face, MY shoes ready & laced. MY words TaKing off liKe Jesse owens iN a Foot-race. I Plan to see better days But I don’t see Myself Moving Forward liKe MY foot wAS oN the Brakes.