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Spring Sports Preview: Amy Xiong '14 Breaks Down Badminton and Upcoming Season for April 13th


Give us your Badminton bio:
Amy Xiong started playing badminton because her sisters were a part of it and she really looked up to them. Her sister, Sheng, played for Patrick Henry and graduated in 2011. Amy is now a junior but started playing as a freshman. Occasionally she would play backyard badminton with her family before she joined the Patrick Henry team. Amy says it’s all about playing smart and being quick.

What do you bring this team?
Amy brings some good knowledge of the sport to this team. She seems to be someone for others to look up to. She says you want to aim for someone’s back hand because it is their weakest swing. Another place you might want to aim for is the alley, which is the side of the court. Hitting drops, making the birdie drop close to the net, and drives, fast, flat, straight, flicks, are shots you should learn.

What do you see as your team's greatest strengths and challenges this season?
Coach Miller says the enthusiasm, dedication, youth, and the fact that the team would practice forever if you were to let them are some of their strengths. Along with it being a strength, the young age of the team is also a challenge. The badminton team lost eight of the ten varsity starters this year so the young kids will be at a new level of competition this year.

Who will be some of your key players, and what are their greatest attributes?
Xia Xiong plays varsity singles and she has great shot selection.
Angela Taylor and Amy Xiong have been doubles partners for two years and Coach says they catch on very quickly and are beginning to develop into strategic players.
Kayla Yang and Samantha Yang are the up and coming pair. They are open to coaching, hungry to learn new things and want to excel.

How did your team fare in competition last year?
Last year the team tied for second in the conference.

How do you expect to fare this year?
This year Coach Miller hopes to get second or top three.

Greatest competitors in conference?
Southwest and South

Tell us about your coaches:
Amy says Coach Miller is patient and a very good coach. He likes to help them learn new and better ways to play.

What's next for Amy Xiong?
Amy will be starting her senior year next fall and is going to be a candidate for the IB diploma. She would like to go on to college to be either a high school math teacher or an elementary school teacher.
Amy played volleyball in the Junior Olympics after her freshman year, and she is a member of NHS, J-Quiz where they learn about the Japanese culture and language, and Leo’s in Action where her favorite experience was working with the Special Olympics.

Schedule and Roster info here:

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