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Spring Sports Preview; Golf by Sam Lomen '14 for April 12th

Sam Lomen '14

Sam’s Golf bio:
Sam Lomen got into Golf through his uncles had urging him to join the team so he joined in 9th grade. Sam’s goal for this year is to compete with the better players and stick with them. Minikahda Country Club is his favorite course to play on but he also plays at the Three Rivers course in Plymouth. Sam says the typical practice starts out with working on putting for the first half then they will move on to the range and practice hitting. Sam likes to stay after practice and golf a little more on his own.

What do you see as your team's greatest strengths and challenges this season?
Coach Voeks says that one of the greatest strengths is returning golfer Sam Lomen’s improvements. He is getting much better and it shows! The main challenge is going to be building up the Golf team and getting more people to come out and play.

Who will be some of your key players, and what are their greatest attributes?
Sam Lomen brings experience and increasing talent to the team, says Coach Voeks.

Who are the key newcomers?
Tori Cooper will be one of this years key newcomers to the team. She says she has played recreationally with her father in the past and is excited for the season.

How did your team fare in competition last year?
Last year the Golf team did well and placed 5th in their conference.

How do you expect to fare this year?
This year, with the lack of athletes coming out for Golf, placing in matches will be difficult.
For all those thinking about joining, Tori says that Golf is motivating, fun, and it gives you exercise! You don’t have to be good to come out and join the team!

Who are the greatest competitors in conference?
Southwest and Washburn

Tell us about your coaches
Even though Tori has only briefly met him, she says Coach Voeks is really nice, funny, and she thinks he will make it a good season. Coach Voeks taught Sam how to golf and Sam says Voeks is a good guy and he definitely knows his stuff when it comes to golf.

Roster and Schedule Info Here:

olf, Boys:
   Ryan Voeks
Golf, Girls:
   Ryan Voeks