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Spring Sports Preview :Hannah Webb '15 Delivers Pitch on Upcoming Softball Season for April 16th


Give us your softball bio, Hannah:
Hannah started playing baseball when she was just a little girl then had to switch to softball in fifth grade. Her dad got her and her siblings all into sports when they were young. Hannah started pitching in sixth grade, was on the JV team in seventh grade, and pitched for the varsity team starting her eighth grade year!

What do you bring this team?
Hannah brings a certain attitude to the team. She says it’s all about having fun, staying positive, spending time with your friends and that it’s not all about winning but also about having a good time!

What do you see as your team's greatest strengths and challenges this season?
Hannah says the main strength of the team is that they’re all friends which help them to work well together. She says they would like to improve on the hitting and fielding. Softball has just enough players to put together JV and varsity teams but she would like to see more girls come out.

How did your team fare in competition last year?
Hannah says last year they won about half their games and would like to do better this year.

How do you expect to fare this year?
This year she things the team will do pretty well, they lost a lot of seniors but they have a lot of promising young girls so she’s expecting a good season.

Who are your greatest competitors in conference?
South, Southwest, and Washburn

Tell us about your coaches:
Hannah says her coaches are really good at teaching them how to play better. They’re nice but also know how to keep the team disciplined so they can improve. They run the practice by starting with a mile run. After that they stretch, throw, and do some situationals to prepare for games.

Schedule and Roster info here:

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